She is eager to be contacted for proposals in areas which cross traditional boundaries and time periods that incorporate digital methodologies or incorporate innovative active, applied or practice-based aspects.

Dean, D., Meerzon, Y., & Prince, K. (Eds.). (2015). He has published papers on the importance of Wales as well as the Welsh in late medieval England. History Memory, Performance . Topics: New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Middle-late Medieval England as well as Wales (c. 1250-1500) Later medieval armies and battles The local and regional histories. Demantowsky, M. (2005). Prof.

Geschichtskultur und Erinnerungskultur. Catherine Clarke. Zwei Konzeptionen des einen Gegenstandes [Historical Culture and Memory Culture. Director for The Director of the Centre for the History of People, Place, and Community. Two Perspectives on One Phenomenon]. Biography. Geschichte, Politik und ihre Didaktik, 33 (1), 11-22.

Catherine is a scholar of the cultural, with a specialization in the Middle Ages, but she also has a diverse spectrum of time periods, on issues of identity, place as well as heritage (including practices of interpretation) and also on the uses from the ancient past (especially the use of medievalism). Dening, C. (1996). Prior to her move to the IHR Catherine’s background in disciplinary studies is in English Language as well as Literature as she was a Professor of English Literature and Literature at the University of Southampton for seven years, and continues to be as a Visiting Professor in English at the University of Southampton. Performances . She also managed numerous large, multi-disciplinary research projects that cover the fields of literature, history, archaeology/geography, and digital humanities. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

She is, therefore, adept at directing inter-disciplinary PhD projects. Erdmann, E., & Hasberg, W. (2011). She is eager to be contacted for proposals in areas which cross traditional boundaries and time periods that incorporate digital methodologies or incorporate innovative active, applied or practice-based aspects.

Historical culture, History Didactics and History Teaching. Topics: In E. Medieval historical period Cultural history and identity essay Heritage (including practices of interpretation) Medievalism and other uses of the past. Erdmann & W. Innovative approaches (including digital methods), innovative, and practice-based components. Hasberg (Eds. ), Facing–Mapping–Bridghing Diversity. Prof.

Foundation of a European Discourse on History Education , Pt. Claire Langhamer. I (pp. 291-328). Director for the Institute of Historical Research.

Schwalbach: Wochenschau Verlag. Biography. Filser, K. (2011). Claire’s research is focused on the 20th and 21st century Britain. Unity as well as Diversity of our European Identity. She is especially interested in the connections between the cultural, social and the emotional. The Recommendations made by the European Council on History Learning and Teaching.

She has been trying to come up with new methods of working across these three categories through personal writing, especially those that are found in the Mass Observation Archive, and oral history. In E. Her books about women’s lives include research of home, leisure, and work and collaborations in collaboration with Penny Tinkler and Stephanie Spencer on Women in Fifties Britain (2017). Erdmann & W. Her research into autobiographical writing of girls culminated in a book trade entitled Class of 1937, written in collaboration with Hester Barron. Hasberg (Eds. ), Facing–Mapping–Bridghing Diversity. It traces the lives of a specific class of thirteen and twelve year old Bolton schoolgirls who composed pieces on behalf of Mass Observation in 1937. Foundation of a European Discourse on History Education , Pt. The book is based on both their own writing as well as memory of the children of those who were their parents.

I (pp. 11-26). Claire’s passion for emotion has led her study the history of individual feelings and use emotion more broadly as a term in historical analysis. Schwalbach: Wochenschau Verlag. Her collaboration alongside Ian Gazeley on interwar happiness brought economics and emotions together.

Francois, E., & Schulze, H. (Eds.). (2001). Her writings on love – which included the monograph, The English in Love (2013) challenge the existing time-lines of cultural and social shift. Deutsche Erinnerungsorte I [German Sites of Memory I] . She continues to research the history of love with her role as editor of the contemporary volume of Bloomsbury’s A Cultural History of Love which examines the love of all forms and within a global perspective. Munchen: C.H. Claire’s other research interests focus on the emotional state of war at work, and in politics.

Beck. A collaboration sponsored by the British Academy with Lucy Noakes and Claudia Siebrecht resulted in the co-edited volume, Total War: an Emotional History (2020) and she is currently working on the book Feelings at Work in modern Britain that is in agreement to Oxford University Press. Gadamer, H.-G. (1987). the problem of historical Consciousness. in P. She has published chapters and articles on the subject of the emotional politics during The 1940s and the 1950s as well as an e-book on The emotional reconstruction of postwar Britain is in its beginning stages. Rabinow & W. Claire has directed 23 PhDs through completion across a wide range of topics . M. She is open to inquiries from students who wish to pursue doctoral studies in the area of humanities and culture of the modern age of Britain.

The Sullivan (Eds. ), Interpretive Social Science: A Second View (pp. 82-140). Topics: Berkeley: University of California Press. Modern Britain Emotions and Feeling Everyday Life Life Writing as well as Mass Observation. Granatstein, J. Jo Fox, Professor Jo Fox. L. (1998).

Director for the Institute of Historical Research; Professor of Modern History. Who killed Canadian History? Toronto: HarperCollins. Biography. Grever, M. (1998). Prof.

Opvattingen en misvattingen over het geschiedenisonderwijs (Views and Errors About History Education). Jo Fox is Director of the Institute of Historical Research and Professor of Modern History at the University of London. In P. den Boer & G. The professor began her tenure at the Institute in January of this year prior to that, she was Professor of Modern History and Head of Department at Durham University, where she began her academic career in 1999. W. Jo is an expert in the historical background of psychological warfare and propaganda in the twentieth century of Europe. Muller (Eds. ), Geschiedenis op school. She has published articles on propaganda in Britain as well as Germany in The First as well as the Second World Wars, in particular, examining the relationships between popular opinion and propaganda. Zes voordrachten over het geschiedenisonderwijs. "History at School.

The project she is working on is a historical study of rumour during the Second World War and, along with David Coast (Bath Spa) in a major research project on rumours and political activity in England between 1500 and the present. The Six Papers on History Education ] (pp. 27-48).

Jo has worked on broadcasts of The BBC (Woman’s Hour, Making History, The One Show and a variety of documentaries produced by BBC4 in addition to acting as historian consultant to The Documentary Film Mob) and BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 4, including the presenting of one episode on Document on Scotland’s Lord Haw-Haw’. Amsterdam: Publications KNAW. CBC (Canada), PBS (United United States), Channel 10 (Australia) and ABC (Australia). Grever, M. (2009). Jo is also involved in the archives, museums and heritage sector.

Afraid of Plurality. In addition to overseeing 3 AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Students and assisting archives and museums in their public programs and exhibitions. Historical Culture and Historiographical Canonization in Western Europe. Topics: The book is A. The history of contemporary media and the psychological war History from both the First as well as the Second World Wars European and British History, 1900-present History of communication and media. Epple & A. Dr. Schaser (Eds. ), Gendering Historiography: Beyond National Canons (pp.


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